Michael Schneider conducts Vivaldi’s “Laudate Pueri”

Vivaldi also demands breakneck runs, scales and trills from the interpreter of his “Laudate-pueri” cantata. Martina Rüping celebrates the bel canto praise with a wonderfully luminous soprano that would honor any Boticelli angel.

Elzeviro Scala: “Orff diretto da Muti”

“… Martina Rüping riduce la voce a un soffio dolcissimo prima del possente inno a Biancofiore e Venere, rendendo il Maestro l’orchestra una ragnatela scilliante nel buio.”

The Radio Orchestra plays Pfitzner’s “Christelflein”

“… musically the performance is on a high level, above all Marlis Petersen and Martina Rüping convinced as Elflein and Christkindchen”

Muti’s “Carmina Burana” at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

“… but the remarkable feature of this Festspielhaus performance was not the usual tumultuous choral and orchestral explosions, but the tender intimacy of the” Liebeshof “, the Muti in the” Dulcissime “of Martina Rüping on his hands and her miraculously conjured soprano solo culminated. ”

That’s how it sounds when the angels fall in love

“… Gilda’s feelings bloom in Martina Rüping’s infinitely tender, sweetly sighing tones with a persuasiveness that nobody can resist. Before the eyes of the audience, the teetering between fear and curiosity teenager transforms into a boundless lover. She whispers the name of the strange man as gracefully as she writes him in the air, she shapes each note as devoutly as she smoothes the blanket he has just laid around her shoulders. That’s how it sounds when the angels fall in love.”

La Stagione Frankfurt shone at the Würzburg Mozart Festival

“The evening’s soloist, Martina Rüping, who with the arias “Parto, m’affretto” and “Se il crudel periglio” from Lucio Silla KV 135 had tremendously succeeded in reviving the vocal virtuosity of the eighteenth century, also deserved admiration. With gentle power and safe height, Rüping created great opera, above all with expression and dramatic depth …”

The opera house celebrates a deserved triumph with “Imeneo”

“… as Clomiri, Martina Rüping was outfitted with pink dresses and black horn-rimmed glasses, but her immaculate, poignant soprano cut off all humor from this tragic figure.”

Good orchestra, impressive Gilda

“… At Martina Rüping it lights up from the throat, sit the tips and touch the melting of the childishly naive fool’s daughter. She throws everything in the ring that she has: heart, voice, energy.”

Rigoletto Hall

“… The delicate coloratura in the” Caro nome “- which she incidentally blows up several times during the aria – masters Martina Rüping with flying colors.”